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Our Funds

The Foundation seeks funds to support five main areas of outreach:
1) The School Endowment Funds - to assist students with tuition costs, as well as other school needs.
2) Mission/Ministries - as these areas have been identified for focus by the local and national church.
3) Human Care - to assist in benevolence, disaster relief, and mercy for people in need.
4) Continuing Education - career, vocational skills development and redirection support.
5) Capital improvements - building new facilities, upgrading existing facilities and equipment.

The Foundation's fund structure has been aligned to support the broad range of Trinity's ministry, and to enable donors the flexibility to target donations and bequests to those areas of ministry that are closest to their hearts.

In addition to cash, the Foundation is equipped to receive securities, will bequests and trust distributions, life insurance gifts, retirement plan gifts, charitable remainder trusts, and other forms of property.  Prospective donors are advised to discuss non-cash plans with an attorney and with our board.

Gifts and bequests may be made directly to the Foundation through the Development Office, or through Trinity's normal collection channels, designated to the Trinity Roselle Foundation.