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Fund Descriptions

The Foundation's fund structure has been aligned to support the broad range of Trinity's ministry. Currently, the Foundation can accommodate donations to the following categories:

1. Undesignated gifts. The Foundation Board will distribute all undesignated gifts as follows: 20% to Board-designated projects, 40% to the Church Endowment Fund, 20% to the  School Endowment Fund, and 20% to the Ken Black Tuition Reduction Fund.

2. Trinity School Endowment Funds. The purpose of these funds is to lower the cost of tuition for Trinity Lutheran School attendees through student aid, scholarships, and tuition reduction.

3. Church Endowment Fund. This fund provides future preservation and expansion of the church and assisting in funding future costs.

4. Ken Black Tuition Endowment Fund. To reduce the net tuition charged to Trinity Lutheran School students. 

5. The Prange/Mueller Endowment Fund. This fund is designated to support the training of future church workers from the Trinity family and expansion of outreach ministries.

6. T Fund Tuition Reduction Fund. To reduce the net tuition charged to Trinity Church members students

7. Donor Designated Funds. Donors may designate a specific ministry or field of interest with their gift, provided the gift is acceptable per policy. Please contact the Foundation Board for further details.

8. New Endowment Funds. For donations in excess of $25,000, individuals may wish to endow and name a new fund with a specific purpose and disbursement guidelines.